The SYNTONIA Division: outstanding consulting services and innovative solutions for FMCG Companies

A love of innovation and future-proof technologies to deal with business customers’ objectives: this is the key point of the SYNTONIA Division which, thanks to the combination of process knowledge, technological expertise, and a capacity to develop software products, has built application solutions dedicated to manufacturing and commercial enterprises working in the FMCG sector.

In these markets, all the experience gained in leading consultancies and in multinational FMCG companies, and the ability to think “business and technology” in a synergic way, has allowed the SYNTONIA Division to create a software Suite that helps companies organize their daily activities in the most efficient way, by transforming data generated in processes into “knowledge”.

The SYNTONIA Division is part of the DSM Group which, for over 30 years, has collaborated with organizations that have chosen to anticipate market challenges using Information & Communication Technology as a strategic lever in Consumer Goods and Trade&Retail markets.

Our mission: Working in SYNTONIA with our Customers

We at SYNTONIA strongly believe that, today more than ever, FMCG Companies need to gain greater visibility and govern their trade policies.

And this is our mission: providing FMCG Companies with innovative solutions to streamline Trade Spending.

A great passion for our work, listening skills, reliability, proactivity, and intellectual honesty are the main distinctive values that have allowed us to be recognized in the market as a partner of excellence for FMCG Companies.

Nice to meet you!

Gianpiero Paraboschi
Managing Partner DSM S.p.A.
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Federica Facchini
Italy Presales Director & Project Manager
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Paola Narcisi
Business Development & Marketing Director
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Ernestino Paraboschi
Project & International Presales Director
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Our Approach

Always being at our customers’ side, shouldering their challenges and supporting their objectives.

This is the approach that characterizes our way of working: we sit at the table with our customers, we listen and analyse their business needs and, thanks to our extensive experience, our ability to “speak the same language” as our interlocutors, and to the maximum flexibility of our SYNTONIA Suite, we are able to provide targeted and effective solutions through a design. Solutions that allow FMCG companies to achieve tangible results, action-oriented, lasting, and repeatable. Thanks to this approach, we can proudly state that the companies we work with readily acknowledge our ability to establish a sound partnership.