SYNTONIA allows to carry out day-to-by and/or ad hoc analyses on all business planning processes and TPM/TPO commercial investments.

It meets the needs of FMCG companies to carry out day-to-day and/or ad hoc analyses on all processes of business planning and TPM&TPO through the construction of a specific category database that takes account of the competition.

Machine Learning

Machine  Learning

Artificial Intelligence in support of business decisions

  • SYNTONIA uses new predictive technologies that generate output to support decision-making processes to optimize Trade Promotion activities, and offer business analysts clear and explicit rules that are immediately recognizable
  • SYNTONIA’s Machine Learning makes it possible to highlight any critical issues that may influence the dynamics of the business



Immediate business vision

  • Availability of a library of standard reports
  • Possibility to customize reports and dashboards
  • Reporting in real time

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